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Kate Ferrell

  • Navy Veteran 

  • Former Police Officer

  • Former Felony Prosecutor

  • Criminal Defense Attorney

  • Mentor

  • Human Mom

  • Fur Mom

  • Avid Runner


Kate Ferrell

for Judge

Kate Ferrell is not just another grave and serious attorney seeking a spot in the political arena. She’s a Navy Veteran with a soft spot for rescue animals that came to the law almost by accident, but when she did, found her passion and built a successful business as a solo criminal defense lawyer. She runs more than just her business, though. As a single mother, she runs a family. As an avid runner, she…well, runs. And now she’s running for the 177th.

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2500 E. TC Jester #290
Houston, Texas 77008

(713) 955-4077

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